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Year 5 and Year 6 morning work

Images from The Island

Over the past two weeks, we have been reading a book called The Island. in this book, a strange man washed upon the shore of an island. he is different to the islanders and they do not like it one bit. The story follows the man and how he is treated, spoken to and looked after by the islanders while he is in their care, which is to say - not well. 

The book is an excellent tool to teach about empathy and respect and how we treat others. It is also a fantastic tool to get into discussions about racism, xenophobia, fear, rumours, immigration and tolerance of people from other cultures. 

This week (20/11/23) we are planning and going to begin writing diaries from the perspective of the man. Followed by a narrative about the man.  

Over the last couple of weeks, the children have been learning about the features of a newspaper. We have been using the fantastic book 'The True Tale of the Three Little Pigs' a book where Alexander. T. Wolf is telling his version of events from a jail cell, and is protesting his innocence. The children were tasked with writing a newspaper about these events and could choose if they were going to be bias towards or bias against the wolf. I have added a few pictures of their newspapers below. 


Week beginning 16/10/23


This week we are writing discussion texts based upon the newspapers that we wrote last a couple of weeks ago and the book that we have been reading. The children, over the past two weeks have been learning how to write a discussion text with the ultimate goal of writing one to answer the question: Should Alexander. T. Wolf be found guilty of Murder? 


Completed Discussion texts will be posted in a couple of days. 

Science in Upper Key Stage 2


We have been studying Light Theory and took advantage of the dark mornings to look at how shadows are made, focusing on how shadows keep the shape of the object because light travels in a straight line. We have also investigated how filters absorb colours and measured how much light travels through them using data loggers as light sensors.

Investigating shadows and how light travels

Investigating light absorption in filters