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Art and DT

In Art and DT this term, we have been doing the 'Cook Well, Eat Well' topic. In these session, we have been looking at healthy diets, how to prepare food safely and carefully avoiding both contamination and injury. We have ended this topic by cooking. 

We have started out with a simple bread recipe The children weighed out and measured their ingredients and then kneaded their dough, let it rest and then knocked it back. We didn't have enough time or oven space to cook all the bread. However, the children were able to take their dough home and cook their bread at home. I got sent lots of lovely pictures of cooked loaves. 

Bread making

Last week, we took part in our second cooking lesson. The children decided that they wanted to make pancakes, so, once again, they children weighed out their ingredients, mixed their batter together and then went with Mrs Allan-Smith into class 2 to cook their pancakes which they enjoyed with a drizzle of syrup. 


For the last DT lesson of this term, we decided to make flapjack. The children weighed out all their own ingredients, melted their butter, mixed in their brown sugar and syrup and them the oats. 


It created some delicious golden flapjack. 

Flapjack cooking